Supported API Protocols

The Bing Webmaster Tools API Services supports the following protocols that can be used to get, call, submit, and retrieve data from Bing Webmaster to your website.

SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
Simple Object Access Protocol (“SOAP”) is a structure on which to exchange information with Extensible Markup Language (“XML”). Example of SOAP is that you could send a SOAP message to a website that has Web Services Enabled and receive information back from the website in XML that could then be used or implemented into a website.

POX/HTTP - Plain Old XML over HTTP
Plain Old XML (“POX”) is a term for basic XML and is an information format style. POX is compatible with the XML Schema. POX messages can be sent and received by many types of clients, including clients such as Web browsers that do not have any native support for SOAP-based protocols. POX is a suitable choice for services that exchange data over HTTP and have no requirement to use the advanced protocol capabilities of SOAP and WS-* such as non-HTTP transports, message exchange patterns other than request/response and message-based security, reliability, and transactions.

JSON/HTTP - JavaScript Object Notation over HTTP
JavaScript Object Notation (“JSON”) is imitated or copied from the JavaScript Language in order to provide simple data structures that can be text based.

POX and JSON protocol URL Format:

Protocol Format
POX GET\&param1=VALUE\&param2=VALUE&...\&paramN=VALUE
JSON GET\&param1=VALUE\&param2=VALUE&...\&paramN=VALUE