Capture customer-related activities with auto capture

Auto capture helps salespeople by simplifying the logging of customer-related activities into Dynamics 365 Sales. Auto capture provides activity suggestions for emails and meetings related to your work based on data captured from your Outlook account. This helps you see relevant emails and meetings on your timeline, together with all the other activities related to a given record.

The activity suggestions generated by auto capture remain private and visible only to you until you choose to track the email or meeting. You can save or delete the suggestions, and you can make the email or meeting visible to everyone who has access to the specific record that the suggestion was added to.

Auto capture logs every customer-related activity so sales personnel can focus their time on selling. These customer interactions are displayed on the timeline for records pertaining to Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Account, Case, and custom entities.

Your administrator must enable auto capture before you can try it out. For complete details about prerequisites, how to enable the feature, and how to set it up, see Enable and configure auto capture.