Volume Licensing Service Center

  • The Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) was where organizations previously managed licenses they had purchased via the following volume licensing programs: Microsoft Enterprise, Enterprise Subscription, Select Plus, Select, Academic - Education Enrolment or School Enrolment, Open Value, Open Value Subscription and Open Licenses programs.
  • The site was retired in April 2024.

VLSC functions transitioned to Microsoft 365 admin center

  • All VLSC functionality has been transitioned to the Microsoft 365 admin center. Volume licensing administrators (except for GCC High or DoD agreements) who accessed VLSC with an Entra ID (previously known as a work or school account) automatically have permissions to that same volume license functionality in a new volume licensing blade in Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • See the Overview page for more information.

Admin centers for US government cloud users

  • Government Community Cloud volume licensing admins should use Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Government Community Cloud High volume licensing admins should use GCC High
  • DOD volume licensing admins should use DoD

Microsoft Product and Services Agreement

  • Licenses purchased via the Microsoft Product Services Agreement (MPSA) are managed in a separate site - the Microsoft Business Center. MPSA licenses registered on the Microsoft Business Center may also be viewed in Microsoft 365 admin center for some volume licensing administrators, depending on the user ID they have used to register the licensing agreements (Purchase Accounts).