Teams Rooms for Windows and Android feature comparison

Microsoft Teams Rooms experiences are designed with customers in mind. Every customer has unique needs, which is why Microsoft offers a breadth of options, including Teams Rooms on Windows and on Android.

Core functionality is available on both platforms so end users can always have great audio and video experiences, use one-touch join to join meetings, and access inclusive features such as live captions and raise hand.

As Microsoft brings new features to Teams and to Teams Rooms, we strive to bring them to all platforms, but features may roll out at different times due to a number of factors, including things like technical feasibility and customer feedback for each platform. This means you may see some features rolling out on Windows before they come to the Android platform.

To help guide you as to what features are available on different platforms, you can refer to the chart below, which will be updated periodically. Not all Teams Rooms features will be included on this list, so please continue to consult the Microsoft 365 roadmap and Microsoft sales representatives for additional details.

Teams devices for shared spaces

Feature comparison between Windows and Android

(September 2022)

Features Windows Android
Supported environments Commercial, GCC, GCC High Commercial, GCC

GCC High support targeted for 2023
Meeting join One-touch-join Available Available
Proximity join Available Available
Meet now Available Available
Direct guest join Available Available
Meeting engagement and collaboration Intuitive, purpose-built app experience Available Available
Video and content layouts (for example, Together Mode, large gallery, gallery only, and gallery and content) Available Available
Front row layout Available Not available
Chat bubbles Available Coming soon
Raise hand, lower all hands Available Available
Pin multiple participants Available Coming soon
Spotlight multiple participants Available Available
Live reactions Available Available
Companion mode Available Available
Live closed captions Available Available
Cloud recording and meeting transcription Available Available
Coordinated meetings with Surface Hub Available Not available
Microsoft Whiteboard (on-screen inking available with touchscreen display) Available Available
Intelligent content capture Available Coming soon
Meeting and device controls Room remote controls on mobile Available Available
Wireless sharing Available Available
Cast from mobile Available Available
Video and content resolution: 1080p, 30 FPS Available Available
Meeting participants roster Available Available
Cortana voice skills Available Coming soon
Dual screen support Available Available
Security Secure mounting, security lock slot (Kensington lock), I/O ports access Available Available
Operating System Windows 10 Android 8.1+
OS security features TPM 2.0, disable specific ports, secure boot, Credential Guard, OOBE setting access control, direct memory access protection, network security Android full disc encryption, OEM-specific features
Kiosk mode Available Available
Management and administration Securely delegate management access to a partner Available Available
Roles-based access control Available Available
Device inventory views Available Available
Overall device health monitoring Available Available
Connected peripheral health monitoring Available Coming soon
Remote configuration (restart, settings, Log collection) Available Available
Automatic Teams app updates Available Available
Device auto-enrollment Available Available
Call quality analytics Available Available
Good for / Space Focus (2-4 people) Available Available
Small (4-6 people) Available Available
Medium (6-12 people) Available Available
Large (12-16 people) Available Available
Multi-purpose room (16+ people) Available Not available