NuGet 2.2 Release Notes

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NuGet 2.2 was released on December 12, 2012.

Visual Studio Quick Launch

One of the new features that was added in Visual Studio 2012 was the quick launch dialog. NuGet 2.2 extends this dialog, allowing it to initialize the package manager dialog with the search terms entered in the quick launch. For example, entering 'jquery' in quick launch now includes an option in the results to search NuGet packages matching 'jquery'.

NuGet in Visual Studio Quick Launch

Selecting this option will launch the standard NuGet package manager search experience for the term 'jquery'.

Pre-populated NuGet Package Manager Dialog

Specify Entire Folder for Package Contents

NuGet 2.2 now allows you to specify an entire folder in the <file> element of the .nuspec file to include all of the contents of that folder. For example, the following will cause all scripts in the package's scripts folder to be added to the contents\scripts folder when the package is installed into a project.

<file src="scripts\" target="content\scripts"/>

Update 6/24/16: Empty folders in the "content" folder are ignored when installing the package.

Known Issues

Package installation fails for F# projects when using the package manager console

When attempting to install a NuGet package into an F# project using the package manager console, an InvalidOperationException is thrown. We are actively working with the F# team to resolve the issue, but in the meantime, the workaround is to install NuGet packages into F# projects via NuGet's package manager dialog rather than the console. [More information is available on CodePlex](

Bug Fixes

NuGet 2.2 includes many bug fixes. For a full list of work items fixed in NuGet 2.2, please view the [NuGet Issue Tracker for this release](