Window object (Visio)

Represents an open window in a Microsoft Visio instance.


The default property of a Window object is Application.

To retrieve the active window in an instance of Visio, use the ActiveWindow property of an Application object.

To retrieve a Page object that represents the page shown in the window, use the Page property of a Window object.

To retrieve a Document object that represents the document displayed in that window, use the Document property.

To retrieve a Selection object that represents the shapes selected in that window, use the Selection property.


Beginning with Microsoft Visio 2002, the following methods of the Window object are obsolete: AddToGroup, Cut, Combine, Copy, Delete, Duplicate, Fragment, Group, Intersect, Join, RemoveFromGroup, Subtract, Trim, and Union. Existing solutions that invoke these methods will continue to work properly; however, new or rebuilt solutions should use these methods with the Selection object.

In addition, the Window object's Paste method is now obsolete. Use the Paste or PasteSpecial method of the Page, Master, or Shape object (use the Shape object in the case of group shapes).




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