EQuIS (Beta)


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Item Description
Release State Preview
Products Power BI (Datasets)
Power BI (Dataflows)
Authentication Types Supported Basic
Web API (API Token)
Organizational Account
Function Reference Documentation


To use the EQuIS connector, you must have a valid user account in an EQuIS Enterprise site (version or later) that includes a REST API license. Your user account must be a member of the REST API role. To verify user account configuration, go to the Roles tab in your user profile and verify that you are a member of the REST API role.

Capabilities supported

  • Import

Connect to EQuIS from Power BI Desktop

To connect to an EQuIS Enterprise site from Power BI Desktop, take the following steps:

  1. Select the EQuIS connector in the connector list, then select Connect.
  2. Enter the URL of the EQuIS Enterprise site you are connecting to, then select OK.

Enter URL of EQuIS Enterprise site.

  1. Select the appropriate type of authentication:
    • Basic: Enter your EQuIS username and password for the given EQuIS Enterprise site.
    • API Token: Enter an API Token that you generated in EQuIS Enterprise (visit User Profile).
    • Organizational Account: If your EQuIS Enterprise site is appropriately configured, you may authenticate with Azure Active Directory
  2. In Navigator, browse to the dataset or report you want to load, then select Load or Transform Data. Visit Using EQuIS Data for more information about available datasets.

Select dataset in Navigator.

Additional Information

  • For best functionality and performance, EarthSoft recommends that you use the EQuIS connector with the latest build of EQuIS Enterprise.
  • When using reports in a facility group, non-administrator users must have permission to all facilities contained in the facility group.
  • Only "grid" reports will be available in the Navigator.
  • All datasets consumed by the EQuIS connector will use camelCase for column names.
  • The current version of the EQuIS connector will retrieve a dataset in a single request and is limited to 1,048,576 rows in a single dataset (this limitation might be removed in a future version of the connector).