Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

This topic lists the Windows PowerShell modules included with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). The modules in the list support automating features of those components and provide links to the cmdlet references for each module. These modules enable you to use cmdlets to administer, maintain, configure, and develop new features for MDOP.

MDOP Automation with Windows PowerShell

The table below shows the latest published version of the Help for each module. The Help is available through the links below, or as Updateable Help files. Updateable Help was introduced with Windows PowerShell 3.0 and enables you to have the latest Help topics available locally on your computer by using the Update-Help cmdlet. For more information, see about_Updatable_Help.

Product Latest product version
Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0 SP3
Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.1
Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring 2.5
User Experience Virtualization 2.1 SP1