Microsoft Priva legal disclaimer

Microsoft Priva provides a tenant-level option to help customers facilitate and implement their data privacy and security governance policies, procedures, and practices. With Priva, Microsoft helps its Customers by providing the tools Customers can use to help comply with data privacy and security laws and best practices. Customers evaluate and determine their obligations under applicable data privacy and security laws and regulations, and use the tools in Priva to help them implement compliance strategies. Tenant-level administrators can set up permissions to provide access to this solution for members of your organization and set up connections with other services like ServiceNow, as detailed in the product documentation.

Customers acknowledge that Microsoft Priva supports your data privacy and security compliance by providing configuration options you can use as needed, based on your independent determination of your obligations under applicable laws and your internal policies, procedures and practices. Customers acknowledge that they must conduct their own assessment related to their compliance obligations under data privacy and security laws, as well as the data that Microsoft determines may be personal data based on your configurations, and not just rely on insights from Priva. Customers are solely responsible for using the Priva service, and any associated feature or service in compliance with all applicable laws, including domestic and international data privacy and security laws and regulations.