Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub

The Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub is periodically updated and available via the Microsoft Store. If you manage Surface Hub with Automatic Updates enabled (default setting), the app will update automatically.

Version history

Store app version Updates Published to Microsoft Store
0.2020.84.19701 - Coordinated Teams meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms
- Proximity-based meeting join
August 12, 2020
0.2020.521.2344.0 - 3x3 Gallery view on Surface Hub
- Ability to search for External users
June 10, 2020
0.2020.13201 - Quality improvements and Bug fixes June 1, 2020
0.2020.4301.0 - Accept incoming PSTN calls on Surface Hub
- Consume Attendee/Presenter role changes
May 21, 2020

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