OKR Leadership Program - Become an OKR Champion with Viva Goals

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The OKR Leadership Program is an intensive training intended for OKR Champions to become familiar with the role of the OKR Champion, as well as elements of the OKR framework including OKR writing, ensuring program success, and an introduction to Viva Goals.


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Modules in this learning path

Learn about your role as an OKR Champion, how to communicate effectively and what resources are available to set you and your team up for success.

Learn the key components of OKRs, their framework, and the benefits they provide to users in various roles.

Learn how to work with OKRs in Viva Goals.

Learn the necessary elements for writing compelling OKRs by learning how to define, write, and edit your OKRs with the aid of a framework.

Learn how to use Viva Goals to engage with others and leverage the data that exists within your instance.

Learn how to set your OKR program up for success by creating psychological safety, establishing business rhythms, and making the OKR change visible to your team.