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The first hot-metal sizes of Gloucester Old Style were issued in 1911, derived from a design created in 1896 by the distinguished American architect, Bertram Goodhue. Intended to maximize legibility, the original design featured long ascenders, while the descenders (considered of lesser importance) were very short. Popular as a text face in the early 20th century, the extra-condensed variation proves particularly useful to maintain legibility while packing more characters into a certain space.

File name Glecb.ttf
Styles & Weights Gloucester MT Extra Condensed
Designers Monotype Type Drawing Office
Copyright Typeface data Copyright 1992-94 The Monotype Corporation. Copyright 1994 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Font vendor Agfa Monotype Corporation
Script Tags N/A
Code pages 1252 Latin 1
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Fixed pitch False

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Gloucester MT Extra Condensed

Gloucester MT Extra Condensed