Microsoft Copilot Academy

Microsoft Copilot Academy is built in to develop user skills associated with Copilot usage. This experience provides structured educational content within Viva Learning to help users learn about, discover, and use Copilot effectively.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Copilot Academy home page.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Copilot Academy

Users need to meet the following criteria to access Microsoft Copilot Academy:

  1. A user profile provisioned within a tenant that has Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses.

  2. Assigned a paid license of Microsoft Viva Suite or Viva Learning.

Configure Microsoft Copilot Academy

Microsoft Copilot Academy is enabled by default and discoverable for users who meet the criteria within their Viva Learning app under the Academies dropdown navigation menu.

Users with Microsoft Copilot and Viva Suite premium licenses receive an in-app notification on Copilot Academy from Microsoft Teams.

Admins can disable Microsoft Copilot Academy from the Admin tab in Viva Learning under the Manage academies section.

Screenshot of the Manage academies page in the admin tab.

Language support

Microsoft Copilot Academy is currently available in eight Languages:

  • English (United States)

  • Français (France)

  • Deutsch (Deutschland)

  • Italiano (Italia)

  • 日本語 (日本)

  • Português (Brasil)

  • Español (España)

  • 中文(中国)

The language of Microsoft Copilot Academy is automatically determined based on the Viva Learning language. If an unsupported language is encountered, Microsoft Copilot Academy falls back to a related language following Microsoft Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs guidelines.

Create your own custom academy

You can create a new Academy tailored to your needs by utilizing learning objects from the Copilot Academy. This approach allows you to maintain the essence of the Copilot Academy while also incorporating your organization's unique requirements. Here’s how:

  • Create learning paths: Start by creating learning paths that mirror learning paths available in the Copilot Academy. This step forms the foundation of your custom academy.

  • Add to your new academy: Once your learning paths are set, you can seamlessly integrate them into your new academy for a personalized learning experience.