audiopolicy.h header

This header is used by Core Audio APIs. For more information, see:

audiopolicy.h contains the following programming interfaces:



The IAudioSessionControl interface enables a client to configure the control parameters for an audio session and to monitor events in the session.

The IAudioSessionControl2 interface can be used by a client to get information about the audio session.

The IAudioSessionEnumerator interface enumerates audio sessions on an audio device.

The IAudioSessionEvents interface provides notifications of session-related events such as changes in the volume level, display name, and session state.

The IAudioSessionManager interface enables a client to access the session controls and volume controls for both cross-process and process-specific audio sessions.

The IAudioSessionManager2 interface enables an application to manage submixes for the audio device.

The IAudioSessionNotification interface provides notification when an audio session is created.

The IAudioVolumeDuckNotification interface is used to by the system to send notifications about stream attenuation changes.Stream Attenuation, or ducking, is a feature introduced in Windows 7, where the system adjusts the volume of a non-communication stream when a new communication stream is opened. For more information about this feature, see Default Ducking Experience.