gdiplusbrush.h header

This header is used by GDI+. For more information, see:

gdiplusbrush.h contains the following programming interfaces:



The Brush class is an abstract base class that defines a Brush object. A Brush object is used to paint the interior of graphics shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, pies, polygons, and paths.

This HatchBrush class defines a rectangular brush with a hatch style, a foreground color, and a background color.

The LinearGradientBrush class defines a brush that paints a color gradient in which the color changes evenly from the starting boundary line of the linear gradient brush to the ending boundary line of the linear gradient brush.

The SolidBrush class defines a solid color Brush object. A Brush object is used to fill in shapes similar to the way a paint brush can paint the inside of a shape. This class inherits from the Brush abstract base class.

The TextureBrush class defines a Brush object that contains an Image object that is used for the fill. The fill image can be transformed by using the local Matrix object contained in the Brush object.