PdhUpdateLogFileCatalog function (pdh.h)

Synchronizes the information in the log file catalog with the performance data in the log file.

Note  This function is obsolete.


PDH_FUNCTION PdhUpdateLogFileCatalog(
  [in] PDH_HLOG hLog


[in] hLog

Handle to the log file containing the file catalog to update. The PdhOpenLog function.

Return value

If the function succeeds, it returns ERROR_SUCCESS.

If the function fails, the return value is a system error code or a PDH error code. The following are possible values.

Return code Description
A handle to a CSV or TSV log file was specified. These log file types do not have catalogs.
A handle to a log file with an unknown format was specified.
The handle is not valid.


The log file catalog serves as an index to the performance data records in the log file, providing for faster searches for individual records in the file.

Catalogs should be updated when the data collection process is complete and the log file has been closed. The catalog can be updated during data collection, but doing this may disrupt the process of logging the performance data because updating the catalogs can be time consuming.

Perfmon, CSV, and TSV log files do not have catalogs. Specifying a handle to these log file types will result in a return value of PDH_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header pdh.h
Library Pdh.lib
DLL Pdh.dll

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