ICE25 validates that a .msi file satisfies all of its internal merge module dependencies and exclusions. ICE validates the following:


ICE25 posts an error message if .msi file has previously been merged with an incompatible merge module or if it has not been merged with a necessary merge module.


ICE25 posts the following errors for the example shown.

Dependency failure: Need ModuleX@0 v2.0 
Module ModuleB@1033 v1.0 is excluded.

ModuleSignature Table

ModuleID Language Version
ModuleA 0 1.0
ModuleB 1033 1.0


ModuleDependency Table

ModuleID ModuleLanguage RequiredID RequiredLanguage RequiredVersion
ModuleA 0 ModuleX 0 2.0


ModuleExclusion Table

ModuleID ModuleLanguage ExcludedID ExcludedLanguage ExcludedMinVersion ExcludedMaxVersion
ModuleA 0 ModuleB 1033    


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