This tutorial takes you through the steps required to create a simple, single-client, single-server distributed application from an existing standalone application. These steps are:

  • Create interface definition and application configuration files.
  • Use the MIDL compiler to generate C-language client and server stubs and headers from those files.
  • Write a client application that manages its connection to the server.
  • Write a server application that contains the actual remote procedures.
  • Compile and link these files to the RPC run-time library to produce the distributed application.

The client application passes a character string to the server in a remote procedure call, and the server prints the string "Hello, World" to its standard output.

The complete source files for this example application, with additional code to handle command-line input and to output various status messages to the user, are in the RPC\Hello directory of the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK).

This section presents its discussion in the following topics: