Xandr Platform Documentation

Discover the documentation for the products and services of Xandr platform so that you may realise the full potential of executing programmatic advertising campaigns across screens and tapping into engaged audiences.

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API Reference Documentation

Developer Documentation

Mobile SDK

Developer guide to facilitate a fast, convenient way to monetize mobile apps

Seller Tag

Reference documentation of Seller Tag - a lightweight JavaScript SDK

Log Level Data Feeds

Reference documentation for log level data feeds for in-depth analysis and reporting that requires event-level granularity

Additional Resources


Reference documentation of Bidder - the decisioning brain that calculates real-time auction bids

Supply Partners

Integration documentation for Supply Partners to increase publishers access to major sources of demand

Data Providers

Reference documentation on the processes and options for integrating data, sharing data with a buyer, and maintaining data on the platform

Yield Analytics UI

Reference documentation on the functionalities of the Yield Analytics that you can perform in UI

Data Science Toolkit

Reference documentation to enhance bidding strategy, improve measurement and testing capabilities using Data Science


Reference documentation of Finance - serves as the clearinghouse by paying inventory sellers and then billing buyers.