Click response


  • Not Supported: The Xandr bidding protocol is no longer supported; this documentation is for legacy purposes only.
  • If you're a new bidder integrating with Xandr, please see the OpenRTB 2.4 Bidding Protocol.

Once a bidder receives a Click Request, it can write data to the bidder's reserved segment of the AppNexus data store through a click response. This data will then be passed into the userdata_json field of any future Bid Requests.



Field Type Description
userdata_js string Javascript string to execute updating the user's userdata_json on a future Bid Request.
segment_actions array List of segments to modify for the user.

Example pixel response

This example will call the hypothetical setZip function on the user, add segment 1234 with a 60 minute expiration, and remove segment code "abcd" from the user.

    "click_response": {
        "userdata_js": "setZip('12345')",
        "segment_actions": [{"action": "add", "id":1234, "expires_min": 60},{"action": "remove", "code":"abcd","member_id":567}],

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