Bidders - User ID mapping

Data aggregators and "data exchanges" collect, bundle, and sell anonymous, cookie-based user data that can be used to target users. For example, a data company can collect information about users from an airline's site, then ultimately pass that cookie-based data to a buyer who will serve ads for a car rental to those same users on another site.

Data on potential customers has long been used offline, but the technology to collect online data has only recently evolved. The Xandr platform is where these technologies can be integrated with the many moving pieces of real-time ad sales to enhance ad targeting, which will benefit both buyers and sellers. Xandr serves as the hub, a single integration point, where data providers can offer their data in real time as opposed to the traditional direct integrations with many different buyers resulting in massive numbers of pixels on a page and general fragmentation.

The user ID mapping documentation discusses the integration of behavioral, contextual, demographic, and other kinds of user data within the Xandr platform. Xandr works with Data Providers and also allows members to access and utilize their own internal data for bidding purposes.