Microsoft Invest - comScore Agent

comScore Agent app allows users to create custom segments using a combination of keywords, content categorization and brand protection data to surface quality, brand safe inventory in Microsoft Advertising.


comScore's Agents 2.0 is a powerful set of functionality to help you navigate the inventory in Microsoft Advertising. Name your Agent, select the categories and brand protection parameters that suit your specific campaign. If IAB categories are not enough, build your own Custom Segments by using search or social interest keywords and/or URLs that have converted for you in the past and click Submit.

Every time you make a selection, we provide instant feedback on available inventory so you can plan your campaign better. Set up multiple Agents for different campaigns and modify them in real-time, along with other campaign criteria, to optimize your campaign's performance.

Screenshot that shows the agents for buyers.

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This app has permission to access the following Microsoft Advertising API services and fields for your account.

Name Read Create Edit Delete
Segment All All All No
User All No No No