Microsoft Invest - Partner fees

If you need to reserve a portion of your budget for third-party costs--costs owed to parties other than the publisher--you can define this information with partner fees. Fees can be tracked on a CPM, cost share, or revenue share basis, and can be applied to multiple advertisers and line items, if desired. A single line item or advertiser can have multiple fees applied.

Common fees you might need to budget for are:

  • Advertiser ad serving fees and creative hosting fees, which are charged for delivering a line item's creative assets.

  • Data fees that are not cleared by Microsoft Advertising as part of the Data Marketplace.

  • Post-bid reporting fees - for example, using a pixel to track where impressions are served and then auditing retroactively how many transactions violated brand safety standards.

  • Revenue share agreements with other ad tech partners.

  • Incremental fees charged by an intermediary to the advertiser, such as a managed service fee or consulting fee.

    Screenshot of Revenue broken out into different costs.