Microsoft Invest - Planner

Planner is an interactive forecasting tool that provides campaign reach and delivery projections in real time. Planner helps you understand the delivery and reach opportunities for a campaign before constructing a line item, adjusting your strategy as you go based on direct visual and statistical feedback.

For example, you can compare the projected reach in different zip codes, predict availability across video channels, or identify the highest-value user segments based on real user and impression data across the Microsoft Advertising platform. Planner also recommends the best-performing inventory based on your targeting preferences. When you've adjusted the plan to maximize your goals, you can share targeting and supply data with your team, and seamlessly create a line item based on your plan.


Planner forecasts rely on historical data that is collected over time. For the most accurate results, audiences should be onboarded and deals should be live for a week before you create projections with Planner.