Bicep deployment of a Azure SqlServer takes along time and eventually times out

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I'm using a bicep script to deploy our sql databases:
It takes a long time and eventually it times out.

resource sqlServerResource 'Microsoft.Sql/servers@2022-05-01-preview' = {
  name: sqlserverServerName
  location: location
  properties: {
    version: '12.0'
    administratorLogin: xxxxx
    administratorLoginPassword: xxxxx
    administrators: {
      administratorType: 'ActiveDirectory'  
      principalType: 'Group'  
      login: 'xxxx' 
      sid: 'xxxx'
      tenantId: subscription().tenantId
      azureADOnlyAuthentication: false      

resource databaseResource 'Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases@2022-05-01-preview' = {
  parent: sqlServerResource
  name: sqlserverDbName
  location: location
  sku: {
    name: 'Standard'
    tier: 'Standard'
    capacity: 20


It takes more then 30 minutes....
Can someone explain to me why this is?

Bart Huls

Azure SQL Database
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