Know who you assist

Know who you assist

In my previous post I talked about setting Live Assist for Dynamics 365 up. In this post I'll take you through how to configure Live Assist so you know which portal contact you are assisting/chatting with.

I'll ensure that when a portal contact logs into the portal and initiates a chat session the agent sees her contact info, chat history and more.

To access the Live Assist Admin center goto Settings -> Live Assist picture2

Click the Live Engage Settings URL to open the Live Assist Admin Center


Click Campaigns (1) and then Data Sources (2)
Navigate to the section Connectors and click the Configure button in the Authentication Server row
In the Select an authentication type drop down (1) select oAuth 2.0 authentication (implicit) (2)


In the Authentication Endpoint textbox (1)...


... type your <portal url>/auth/authorize (eg

In the JS Method Name textbox (1) type auth.getAuthenticationToken picture9a

For the last textbox JWT Public Key we will need to head to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center and get the public key for the portal

Dynamics 365 Administration Center -> Applications -> Portal (2) -> Manage (3)
Click Portal Actions (1) and then Get Public Key (2) and copy the public key to the clipboard
Paste the public key string into the JWT Public Key textbox (1) and then click Save (2)


Verify the authentication server configuration has been saved
Last step is to configure the Live Assist campaign to only accept chat from authenticated visitors

Click Campaigns (1) and then the  Live Chat on your site (2) campaign
Scroll down to the Sticky Chat button, hover over the Engagement row (1) and click Edit (2)
Click the gear icon (1)

Flip the switch for Authenticated visitors only and then click Publish picture17 picture18
Now when a portal contact (in this example Pia Petersen) logs into the portal (1) and initiates a chat session the agent sees her name (2) and contact info, chat history and more (3) right there in Dynamics 365 (chat history is listed under Activities in the Activity Wall)


Enjoy Live Assist and Dynamics 365