Automatic syncing of scope configuration changes between 2 DHCP failover servers

DHCP Failover is a new feature in Windows Server 2012 which provides for high availability of DHCP service.  Two DHCP servers in a failover relationship synchronize the IP address lease information on a continual basis there by keeping their respective databases up-to-date with client information and in sync with each other. However, if the user makes any changes in any property/configuration (e.g. add/remove option values, reservation) of a failover scope, he/she needs to ensure that it is replicated to the failover server. Windows Server 2012 provides functionality for performing this replication using DHCP MMC as well as PowerShell. But these require initiation by the user. This requirement for explicitly initiating replication of scope configuration can be avoided by using a tool which automates this task of replicating configuration changes on the DHCP failover server. DHCP Failover Auto Config Sync is a PowerShell based tool which automates the synchronization of configuration changes. You can download the tool and usage guide from this post on TechNet Script Center.

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