The Innovate IT camps are back... Ready, get tech, go!

Update: The #InnovateIT Camps are coming back! We're finalising dates, but be sure to check back for your chance to join.

What is an #InnovateIT Camp?

Last year over 700 attendees developed their Hybrid IT skills, with deep dives on Hyper-V, log analytics, System Center and much more. This year we’re looking to showcase the top features of Windows Server 2016 and show you how to develop your own Hybrid solution with Azure. Ed Baker has built a strong following through these camps, which strike the perfect (right) balance of theory, demo and hands-on labs.

To make the most of the camp, we’ve segmented it into a 2-day event; one focused on all things Windows Server and the following day will be Azure – but that’s not all that we’re going to cover. You will see deep dives into Operations Management Suite, Azure Site Recovery and an overview of Containers in WS2016. We recommend you make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of both days as it will give you the best exposure to our systems.

Why should I go?

We know, we know: your boss will ask you why you should take 2 days off to go to this, so we’re going to make this easy for you. First, it’s free! But more importantly, this is your chance to get to grips with Nano Servers, Docker, Azure Resource Manager – we can go on here but see the list below. We’ll be building on this list to bring you up to speed with the newest features. The #InnovateIT camps can give you a good foundation to take Microsoft Exams, enabling you to become the qualified expert.

You'll also receive a pass for a free month of Azure, have the opportunity to sign up to our new Azure skills courses, and have 90-day access to labs that'll help you to complete your learning. Not bad!

Hybrid IT Management/ Hybrid Infrastructure

  • Containers, Docker
  • Nano Server deployment, Nano server TP5 release
  • Storage replication
  • New features of Windows server 2016 & benefits it can bring to my company infrastructure
  • Real world scenarios
  • Nano & WS2016 integration w/ Azure
  • New features in SRV2016, SDN Azure Services
  • ARM templates and DSC OMS automation
  • ARM and Dev and Test, ARM templates in Visual Studio
  • Operations Management Console with AD Assessment
  • The capabilities of OMS
  • Cluster Storage

Where is it?

Our first camps will be on 15th and 16th December in London, then we’re coming to Birmingham, Glasgow and more in the new year. There are many more lined up so tell us where you are and we’ll bring the camps to you.

How can I register?

The first round of the #InnovateIT Camps ended in May 2017, but we're currently working on future instalments! We'll have more news for you soon, so check back soon.

  • Thursday 15th to Friday 16th December, London
  • Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th January, Birmingham
  • Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 8th February, Glasgow
  • Tuesday 28th to Wednesday 1st March, Reading
  • Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd March, London
  • Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th April, Leeds
  • Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th May, Cardiff
  • Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st May, Manchester
  • More dates in 2017 are coming soon!

For more information, please check out the Innovate IT homepage.