Compiler Warning (level 2) CS3019

CLS compliance checking will not be performed on 'type' because it is not visible from outside this assembly.

This warning occurs when a type or a member that has the CLSCompliantAttribute attribute is not visible from another assembly. To resolve this error, remove the attribute on any classes or members that are not visible from the other assembly, or make the type or members visible. For more information on CLS compliance, see Language independence and language-independent components.


The following sample generates CS3019:

// CS3019.cs  
// compile with: /W:2  
using System;  
[assembly: CLSCompliant(true)]  
// To fix the error, remove the next line  
[CLSCompliant(true)]  // CS3019  
class C  
    [CLSCompliant(false)]  // CS3019  
    void Foo()  
    static void Main()  

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