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Dynamics GP is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. Dynamics GP has a long history, and you can find information about functionality here on learn.microsoft.com, on the installation media for your version of Dynamics GP, and on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog.


The PDF files that you may have seen for earlier versions of Dynamics GP contains symbols to indicate notes, tips, and warnings, for example. Here on the learn.microsoft.com site, such visual alerts are provided in other ways. So if you're looking for a lightbulb, then this is now a note, and warning triangles are replaced by warnings.

The current version of Dynamics GP, version 18.x, is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Learn more at Understand the Lifecycle Policies for Dynamics GP.

Additional resources

A number of resources are available to help in addition to this library.


Go to our Dynamics GP Support and Services blog and learn more about recent updates and tips and tricks.

Resource Page

The following page shows a list of resources that can help you find the information that you need:

The page will be updated going forward as new links become available, while some of the target pages will be added to the Docs.microsoft.com site.

Knowledge Base

Available at https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/, the knowledge base provides you with instant access to the same database our support engineers use. You can find answers to common questions, along with technical tips and performance recommendations.


Available at https://support.serviceshub.microsoft.com/supportforbusiness, you can find different ways to get support, including requests that can be handled with e-mail. On average, the response time is nearly twice as fast as telephone support. That's a big benefit during the critical year-end season.


Available at https://community.dynamics.com/gp/, the Dynamics GP community is where you can start a year-end discussion with other members of the Microsoft customer community, for example. This database provides you with the opportunity to exchange information with other customers, which is perfect for providing tips and answers to year-end questions.

Dynamics GP support team

We have specialized support teams focused on providing service and support to Dynamics GP customers. If you have questions, dial toll free 888-GPS-SUPP (888-477-7877). Enter your 10-digit authorization code.

Send us your suggestions

We welcome comments regarding the usefulness of the Dynamics GP. If you have specific suggestions or encounter problems, let us know on the Product Idea for Microsoft Dynamics site. By offering any suggestions to Microsoft, you give Microsoft full permission to use them freely.

An email address was available in previous versions to provide an option for contacting us about the documentation. Both adocs@microsoft.com and bizdoc@microsoft.com have been decommissioned.

Contributions to the Dynamics GP content

We welcome contributions to the Dynamics GP content. You can find the source files in GitHub at https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msftdynamicsgpdocs/, and the README.md file in the root of the repo contains tips and tricks for working with the content. If you want to add a new article, then the repo contains a template.md file that can help you get started. For more information, see the contributor guide overview.


At Microsoft, we're gradually working our way through converting the legacy manuals. We believe in the strength of the Dynamics GP community, and we welcome additional contributions. The Dynamics GP content is online because it's easier to maintain, so if you can't wait for us to convert a manual, then help us. For more information, see the contributor guide overview.

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