builtInIdentityProvider resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents built-in identity providers with External Identities for an Azure Active Directory tenant.

For Azure AD B2B scenarios in an Azure AD tenant, the built-in identity provider type can be an Azure Active Directory(AAD), Microsoft account(MSA) or email one-time passcode (EmailOTP).

This type inherits from identityProviderBase.


Method Return Type Description
List identityProviderBase collection Retrieve all identity providers configured in a tenant including the built-in identity providers. There's no way to retrieve only the built-in identity providers in a tenant.
Get builtInIdentityProvider Retrieve properties of a built-in identity provider.
List available provider types String collection Retrieve all available identity provider types available in the tenant.


Property Type Description
displayName String The display name of the identity provider. Inherited from identityProviderBase.
id String The identifier of the identity provider. Inherited from identityProviderBase. Read-only.
identityProviderType String The identity provider type. For a B2B scenario, possible values: AADSignup, MicrosoftAccount, EmailOTP. Required.

JSON representation

Here's a JSON representation of the resource.

    "displayName": "String",
    "id": "String",
    "identityProviderType": "String"