documentSet resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents a document set in SharePoint. A document set is a group of related documents that you can manage as a single entity.


Property Type Description
allowedContentTypes Collection(microsoft.graph.contentTypeInfo) Content types allowed in document set.
defaultContents Collection(microsoft.graph.documentSetContent) Default contents of document set.
propagateWelcomePageChanges Boolean Specifies whether to push welcome page changes to inherited content types.
shouldPrefixNameToFile Boolean Indicates whether to add the name of the document set to each file name.
welcomePageUrl string Welcome page absolute URL.


Relationship Type Description
sharedColumns Collection(microsoft.graph.columnDefinition) Columns edited on the document set that synchronize to all documents in the set. These are read-only on the documents themselves.
welcomePageColumns Collection(microsoft.graph.columnDefinition) Specifies columns to show on the welcome page for the document set.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of a documentSet resource.

  "allowedContentTypes": [{ "@type": "microsoft.graph.contentTypeInfo" }],
  "defaultContents": [{ "@type": "microsoft.graph.documentSetContent" }],
  "propagateWelcomePageChanges": false,
  "shouldPrefixNameToFile": true,
  "welcomePageUrl": "string"