Support for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

You can get support for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Center.

  1. In Microsoft Cloud for Solution Center, select Support on the left navigation pane.

    Select Support on the left navigation pane.

  2. In the popup, select Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, and then select Next at the bottom.

    Select Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

  3. On the New support request page, select a Problem type, enter a problem description under Tell us what you need help with, and then select See solutions.

  4. Review any available solutions. If there aren't any that resolve your problem, select Next.

  5. Either select a Support plan or select Add new contract and enter the required information.

  6. Enter the additional information required on the New support request, attach any relevant files, and then select Next.

  7. Under Contact information for this request, enter your contact information, and then select Submit.

  8. Select OK on the Ticket submitted message that displays.

    Select OK on Ticket submitted message.

If an issue can't be resolved through self-help, you can use the same Help + support experience to contact a Microsoft support representative.

For more information, go to Get Help + Support in the Power Platform admin guide.

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