Sales Navigator Application Platform Documentation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a leading social selling tool that builds and nurtures customer relationships to lead to increased sales performance. By leveraging the power of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator, you can add exposure to sales leaders who are already engaged on LinkedIn and increase your product's engagement by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator seamlessly into your customers' workflow.

With the Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) your customers can:

  • target people and companies with a search experience that delivers relevant prospects
  • understand key lead and company changes with suggestions customized for you
  • engage with leads and prospects from directly within your application

Read on to learn more about the UI and API-based services that can help you maximize sales performance for your customers.

Display Services

Sales professionals have unique informational needs at different stages of the sales process. Display Services offers a robust set of UI modules for embedding within external applications via iframe or JavaScript SDK to enrich workflow experiences with LinkedIn identity and insights. Display Services modules allow viewing LinkedIn profiles and accounts, displaying recent activity and posts, and connecting and sending messages (including InMail) to leads. External applications can also enrich UI presentations with LinkedIn profile photos and links to Sales Navigator profiles with the Profile Associations API.

To learn more about Display Services, visit the Display Services Overview.

Analytics Services

Analytics Services offers a bulk export API to retrieve activities performed by sales teams, as well as other metadata like a seat holder's daily Social Selling Index, total connections, total leads saved, and other metrics.

To learn more about Analytics Services, visit the Analytics Services Overview.

Sync Services

Sales Navigator Sync Services offers APIs that enable richer integrations built on top of CRM Sync. By leveraging CRM Sync matches between CRM records and LinkedIn, CRM applications can enable new data integrity workflows and UI experiences for CRM users.

To learn more about Sync Services, visit the Sync Services Overview.


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