Navigate by workspaces in the data hub


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically May 30, 2023 -

Business value

The data hub enables users to easily discover and reuse data in one central hub. This centralized experience empowers users by enabling them to curate, publish, discover, manage, and reuse organizational data to address their business questions. Now, we're extending the data hub further by enabling discovery by workspace as well.

Feature details

The data hub empowers users (from the data engineer to the BI consumer) to discover, in one central location, all data items meant for analytics within the service, to generate insights, and/or to manage and perform related actions.

Users may have access to hundreds and even thousands of data items. In many cases, users might not know the exact name of the data item they're looking for without actually seeing it, and making them scroll through the very long list of all the data items they have access to isn't a viable solution. Instead, now with this feature, they can get to the data they're looking for by first filtering the data-items list by a specific workspace, and then choosing their item from the much shorter list of items in that workspace.

Moving forward, we plan to provide users with an easy way to find data items through workspace navigation and filtering.

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