Seamlessly configure model-driven apps for offline use


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Oct 2023

Business value

Setting up a model-driven app to use in offline mode is much easier, more intuitive, and accessible to all app makers.

Feature details

Through the modern app designer, makers can seamlessly configure their model-driven apps for offline use.

You don't need to figure out which tables to add and which filters to apply in your offline profile. Now, it's just one toggle switch to enable an app for offline use and automatically generate a default, offline profile. There's also no need to set users to offline profiles. If your users have access to the app (through security roles), they can use the app in offline mode.

We continue to support the advanced mode that requires admin privileges. With this mode, you can associate multiple offline profiles to your app. You must add your users to the profiles (this requires admin privileges) to enable them for offline use.

Enable offline use in the settings of the model-driven app.