Install Azure Data CLI (azdata)

Applies to: azdata

Azure Data CLI (azdata) is a command-line utility written in Python to bootstrap and manage the data services via REST APIs.

Find latest version

To find your installed version and see if you need to update, run azdata --version.

OS specific instructions

Python/Pip installation

You can install Azure Data CLI (azdata)on Linux with yum, apt, or zypper, or on MacOS with Homebrew installation package managers. Before these package managers were available, installation required Python and pip.


Before you proceed, you need to remove any installation of azdata that were installed to the global system Python. The new installers or native-packages add azdata to your path and it is impossible to know which one is first. If you have an existing azdata installed to the global system Python, remove it before proceeding.

To view your current installation, run the following command:

$ pip list --format columns

If azdata is installed by pip it returns the package and version. For example:

 Package             Version
------------------- ----------
azdata-cli          15.0.X
azdata-cli-app      15.0.X
azdata-cli-cluster  15.0.X
azdata-cli-core     15.0.X
azdata-cli-hdfs     15.0.X
azdata-cli-notebook 15.0.X
azdata-cli-profile  15.0.X
azdata-cli-spark    15.0.X
azdata-cli-sql      15.0.X

The following example removes a pip installation of azdata.

$ pip freeze | grep azdata-* | xargs pip uninstall -y

After you have verified that you have removed any installation of azdata that was installed with pip, proceed with your installation.

Next steps

Use azdata with Big Data Clusters, see What are SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters?.