Connect to a Microsoft Azure Subscription (Backup TO URL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Use the Connect to a Microsoft Subscription dialogue box in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to register an existing Azure Blob Storage container with your instance of SQL Server. The dialog box will create a shared access signature and stored access policy on an Azure Blob Storage container and then create a SQL Server Credential.

This dialog box appears when using the Back Up Database or Restore Database task from SQL Server Management Studio and the operation involves a URL device.


Connect to a Microsoft Subscription will only work with an Azure Storage Account created through the Service Management (Classic) deployment model. For more information regarding Azure deployment models, see Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment.


Sign in
Sign in with the appropriate Azure account.

Select a subscription to use
Select desired subscription from the dropdown list.

Select Storage Account
Select desired storage account from the dropdown list.

Select Blob Container
Select desired blob container from the dropdown list.

Shared Access Policy Expiration
The shared access policy will expire on the given date. The default expiration date is one year from creation. Modify as desired.

Shared Access Signature Generated
The rich text box will display the generated shared access signature.

Create Credential
Button will generate a stored access policy and shared access signature and then create a SQL Server credential.