When to use Azure Virtual Desktop


Now that you know what Azure Virtual Desktop is, let's discuss the scenarios best suited for Azure Virtual Desktop.

When to choose Azure Virtual Desktop

The following table describes business needs and applicable scenarios where Azure Virtual Desktop may be a good choice for an organization.

Business need Description
Security and regulation Keep data and organizational resources safe while enabling the appropriate level of access by a variety of the organization's users. Leverage documentation and systems that support compliance with industry and local regulations.

- Financial services
- Healthcare
- Government
Elastic workforce Scale Azure Virtual Desktop to provide access to services on demand.

- Mergers and acquisitions
- Short-term employees
- Contractors and partners
Remote employees Meet employee-specific needs by allowing them to use their own device and be productive wherever they are.

- BYOD and mobile
- Call centers
- Branch workers
Specialized workloads Provide access to apps or desktops that may need to run with specialized or older software.

- Design and engineering
- Legacy apps
- Software development and test

When not to choose Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop isn't suited for offline scenarios. It runs on Azure in the cloud. Users need to be online to connect and use Azure Virtual Desktop remote apps and desktops.

Is Azure Virtual Desktop the right choice?

Let's reconsider our accounting firm scenario from the first unit. The key points from that scenario were:

  • Users need to be able to work from any device from anywhere.
  • During tax season, short-term employees are hired to be able to meet customer needs and tax deadlines.
  • Tax software changes from year to year and the organization has some legacy applications that are a challenge to support.
  • You need to provide a secure, consistent, and performant experience to the apps employees need to do their work.

Azure Virtual Desktop can support all these scenarios and would be a good choice for this organization.