Personal insights service description

Personal insights in Microsoft Viva Insights summarize how you spend your time at work and then suggest ways to work smarter. These personalized insights are provided through elements that you can access in Microsoft Outlook, in Teams, or through your web browser.

Some of the elements of Viva Insights are provided automatically to users of various Microsoft 365 or Office 365 plans. For more information, go to Viva Insights distributions.

Viva Insights processes information in a manner that protects employee privacy. For more information, go to Data privacy.


Personal insights in Viva Insights consist of the following elements:

  • Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams and on the web – Provides you with personalized recommendations in your Teams app and on the web. These recommendations can help you build better work habits—for example, following through on commitments made to collaborators and protecting focus time in the day for uninterrupted, individual work.
  • Viva Insights Outlook add-in – Provides you with actionable insights in Outlook that help you stay on top of your tasks and get more done.
  • Briefing emails – Within two hours of your workday, you'll get an email about any relevant items to help you stay in control of your calendar and better prepare for the day ahead.


    We've paused sending Briefing emails to make some improvements. You can still access the Viva Insights Outlook add-in or Viva Insights app in Teams for key functionality until this service resumes. For more information about this change, refer to Briefing pause.

  • Digest emails – Shows you highlights about your work patterns in a Digest email in your Outlook inbox.


    Beginning at the end of March 2024, we’ll be pausing the Digest email, which is typically sent twice a month. All the content from Digest emails will still be available within the Viva Insights app in Teams or on the web. You can continue to explore and analyze your data insights seamlessly. To learn more about this change, refer to the Digest email pause.

  • Inline suggestions – These brief, data- and AI-driven notifications appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation.
  • Schedule send suggestions – When you're composing an email in Outlook, these suggestions to schedule email deliveries that align with recipients' working hours. This scheduling helps minimize disruptions to recipients outside of their working hours.

Viva Insights distributions

The elements of Viva Insights are available in varying levels to users of different Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans. To see which plans include Viva Insights and Viva Insights in Outlook, refer to Environment requirements.

Data privacy

By adhering to the following guidelines, Viva Insights protect employee privacy and support compliance with local regulations:

  • Viva Insights is not designed to enable employee evaluation, tracking, automated decision making, profiling, or monitoring.
  • Viva Insights does not give employees access to new personally identifiable information on other coworkers.
  • Viva Insights data is processed and stored in the employee’s Exchange Online mailbox.
  • Viva Insights supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
  • Viva Insights can be configured so that individuals must purposefully opt in.
  • Viva Insights reminds people that their data is private and secure.

For more information, go to the Privacy guide for personal insights.


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