IFsrmQuotaTemplateManager::ImportTemplates method (fsrmquota.h)

[This method is supported for compatibility but it's recommended to use the FSRM WMI Classes to manage FSRM. Please see the MSFT_FSRMQuota class.]

Imports the specified quota templates from an XML string.


HRESULT ImportTemplates(
  [in]  BSTR                       serializedQuotaTemplates,
  [in]  VARIANT                    *quotaTemplateNamesArray,
  [out] IFsrmCommittableCollection **quotaTemplates


[in] serializedQuotaTemplates

An XML string that represents one or more quota templates.

[in] quotaTemplateNamesArray

A variant that contains the names of the templates to import. If NULL, the method imports all templates.

[out] quotaTemplates

An IFsrmCommittableCollection interface that contains a collection of quota templates.

Each item of the collection is a VARIANT of type VT_DISPATCH. Query the pdispVal member of the variant for the IFsrmQuotaTemplateImported interface.

To add the templates to FSRM, call the IFsrmCommittableCollection::Commit method. To add the templates to FSRM and propagate the changes to objects that were derived from the template, call the IFsrmFileScreenTemplateImported::CommitAndUpdateDerived method on each item in the collection.

Return value

The method returns the following return values.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header fsrmquota.h (include FsrmQuota.h, FsrmTlb.h)
DLL SrmSvc.dll

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