WslGetDistributionConfiguration function (wslapi.h)

Retrieves the current configuration of a distribution registered with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


HRESULT WslGetDistributionConfiguration(
  [in]  PCWSTR                 distributionName,
  [out] ULONG                  *distributionVersion,
  [out] ULONG                  *defaultUID,
  [out] WSL_DISTRIBUTION_FLAGS *wslDistributionFlags,
  [out] PSTR                   **defaultEnvironmentVariables,
  [out] ULONG                  *defaultEnvironmentVariableCount


[in] distributionName

Unique name representing a distribution (for example, "Fabrikam.Distro.10.01").

[out] distributionVersion

The version of WSL for which this distribution is configured.

[out] defaultUID

The default user ID used when launching new WSL sessions for this distribution.

[out] wslDistributionFlags

The flags governing the behavior of this distribution.

[out] defaultEnvironmentVariables

The address of a pointer to an array of default environment variable strings used when launching new WSL sessions for this distribution.

[out] defaultEnvironmentVariableCount

The number of elements in pDefaultEnvironmentVariablesArray.

Return value

Returns S_OK on success, or a failing HRESULT otherwise.


The caller is responsible for freeing each string in pDefaultEnvironmentVariablesArray (and the array itself) via CoTaskMemFree.


Target Platform Windows
Header wslapi.h
Library Wslapi.lib
DLL Api-ms-win-wsl-api-l1-1-0.dll