Texture3D type (as it exists in Shader Model 4) plus resource variables. This texture object supports the following methods in addition to the methods in Shader Model 4.

Method Description
GetDimensions Gets the resource dimensions.
Load Reads texture data.
mips.Operator[][] Gets a read-only resource variable.
Operator[] Gets a read-only resource variable.
Sample Samples a texture.
SampleBias Samples a texture, after applying the bias value to the mipmap level.
SampleGrad Samples a texture using a gradient to influence the way the sample location is calculated.
SampleLevel Samples a texture on the specified mipmap level.


Minimum Shader Model

This object is supported in the following shader models.

Shader Model Supported
Shader Model 5 and higher shader models yes


This object is supported for the following types of shaders:

Vertex Hull Domain Geometry Pixel Compute
x x x x x x


See also

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