Finance - Getting paid

In order to receive prompt payment from Microsoft Advertising, you must submit your banking details to your Microsoft Advertising representative upon signing your contract. To update your banking details, contact Client Finance at

Microsoft Advertising pays you within a fixed period of time (e.g. Net 60, Net 90) from the last day of the month in which the reselling activity occurs (so long as the total is at least $50 for that month). If reselling activity for a given month is under $50, we'll hold payment until you are able to compound at least $50. Once you have compounded in excess of $50 in resold revenue, we'll transfer the full amount to the bank account that we have on file.

In additional, you should expect payment from Microsoft Advertising within two to three business days from the date that the payment is due (e.g., Net 60, Net 90). Microsoft Advertising makes payment disbursement on the last day of each month, and it generally takes the banks those business days to clear the payment (not including weekends and holidays).

Microsoft Advertising reserves the right to withhold payment if you have outstanding unpaid invoices for buying activity under your member account. For your exact payment terms refer to your Microsoft Advertising contract.