Microsoft Invest - Billing

For real-time inventory, Microsoft Advertising serves as the clearinghouse by paying inventory sellers and then billing buyers. Networks and direct marketers pay their managed publishers directly. This section provides resources for accessing and understanding your billing information.


To view the Billing dashboard, your account must be assigned to the Financial Observer role. Contact your Microsoft Advertising representative if you do not have the correct access.

Member users with special access can access past invoices, seller statements, and credit status, as well as pricing terms (used when calculating fees and charges on invoices) directly in Microsoft Invest.

Viewing or downloading your invoices and/or seller statements

To access past invoices, select Billing under your Member settings. in the menu bar.

Billing periods reflect periods of platform activity. For example, a June invoice reflects your platform activity in June. However, you may not receive the invoice until July.

For each billing period listed, you can click to view the invoice and/or seller statement. Invoices and seller statements available in Microsoft Invest are identical to the invoices you receive (via email) from Microsoft Advertising.

For a detailed explanation of the fields and values in an invoice or seller statement, see Understanding Your Invoice.

Viewing your pricing terms

For a quick overview of the pricing terms that go into calculating the fees and charges in your invoices and statements, select Billing under your Member settings and then click the Pricing tab.

For more details about pricing terms, review your contract or see Understanding Your Pricing Terms.

Giving users access to billing information

Only Member-level users can be given access to billing information. To do so: Assign the user the Financial Observer role. Note that this grants the user the ability to install apps as well as view billing information. For more details, see Create a User.

Checking your credit status

To review the credit status of your account and/or the balance or unbilled activity of your member, select Billing under your Member settings. Click the Credit Status tab.

The information displayed on this tab is divided into two sections, those that apply to your member and those that apply to your parent account. There may be more than one member per account.