Metrics for Nielsen digital ad ratings

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) introduces an exclusive set of metrics for tracking a line item's audience demographic targeting success within Microsoft Invest. If you've enabled Nielsen DAR for your line item, you'll be able to track a series of metrics across reports and in your line item's Analytics tab.

The following Nielsen DAR metrics will help you track and improve your line item's audience demographic targeting:

Reporting Metric Description
Total Impressions The total number of impressions your line item has made
Audience Share (%) The percentage share of the total audience a line item has reached within a certain demographic group. This measurement is rounded to two decimal places.
- Audience Share (%) = Row Level Audience Count ÷ Campaign Total Audience Count × 100
Audience Reach (%) The percentage of the population reached within a given demographic
- Audience Reach (%) = Unique Audience ÷ Demographic Population × 100
On Target Percent (%) The percentage of impressions served to your targeted demographic
- On Target Percent (%) = Impressions Seen by Target Demographic ÷ Total Impression Count for your Line Item × 100
Unique Audience The number of unique individuals in the audience that your line item reached
On Target Impressions The number of impressions served to your desired demographic group that are within your selected reporting dimensions
Average Frequency The average number of times a unique audience member viewed your line item's creatives
- Average Frequency = Impressions ÷ Unique Audience
Gross Ratings Point (GRP) The amount of times your line item actually reached your target audience
- GRP = (% of Population that Saw the Ad at Least Once × Number of Times the Average Viewer Saw the Ad) × 100
Population Share (%) Percentage of people within a demographic relative to the total population
- Population Share (%) = Demographic Population ÷ Population of all Demographics × 100
Impressions Share (%) Based on the line item's total impression count, the percentage that served to your targeted demographic
- Impressions Share (%) = Demographic Impressions ÷ Total Number of Impressions Across all Demographic Groups × 100
Population Based on census-provided data, the number of people in the country included in a given demographic
- Example: F18-24 = 14.9 million
Impressions Index A targeting success score based on how the line item's impressions are divided across all demographics
- Impressions Index = Impression Share (%) ÷ Demographic-Specific Population × 100
Audience Index A targeting success score based on audience share. This is always a whole number.
- Audience Index = Audience Share (%) ÷ Population Share (%) × 100