Microsoft Monetize - Native creatives

You can host video, audio, banner, carousel, and app install native creatives with Microsoft Advertising.

Since native creatives match the form, feel, and function of the platform that they appear on, they provide publishers with the ability to integrate advertising more seamlessly with their inventory. In contrast with traditional HTML and JavaScript creatives, native creatives provide flexibility because they can be integrated into websites and mobile apps using any one of these formats:

  • Video: Raises awareness through video content that mirrors the look and feel of the content of a particular webpage.
  • Audio: Raises awareness through audio content that mirrors the look and feel of the content of a particular webpage.
  • Banner
    • Branded Content: Displays in the same format as full editorial content.
    • Recommendation: Displays alongside other editorial content, creatives, and paid content.
    • In-Feed: Serves on higher quality inventory and perform better for both advertisers and publishers. Prominent examples of in-feed native creatives include Facebook's Promoted Posts and Twitter's Promoted Tweets.
  • Carousel: Combines multiple videos or images into a single ad unit.
  • App Install: Increases installs or prompts re-engagement on mobile apps.

Native creatives can also provide:

  • Simplicity: Advertisers submit native creative assets such as titles and images once rather than building new creatives for each device size and/or resolution.
  • High performance: Native creatives have been found to lower CPAs for advertisers while increasing revenue for sellers.
  • Control: With native creatives, publishers can control the user experience on their sites.