Clear Request

This function resets the state of the apntag back to its uninitialized state. The function clears out the relevant objects in the AST tag, enabling the user to call defineTag for new placements with an unconfigured AST tag. This can be useful in single page applications to reset all the previously defined ad slots, page targeting, etc. Only use this function if you need to hard reset all the states in the apntag .


Unlike the refresh function, clearRequest does not remove any DOM elements, including iFrames. It is the responsibility of the user to manage their DOM elements.


The parameters listed below can be sent as arguments in the function.

Parameter Type Description
targetId string or array of strings The unique identifier of a specific ad slot. One or more identifiers can be specified in an array. The tags identified must be defined first using apntag.defineTag. Omit the parameter to clear all tags. It is an optional parameter.


To completely reset all tags that are currently defined:


To reset a single tag using its targetId value:


To reset multiple tags using their targetId values:

apntag.clearRequest(['adslot1', 'adslot2']);