Community experts

Microsoft Q&A automatically makes users community experts per tag. You become a community expert when you get 3 Accepted Answers on a tag over a 30-day period. When you become a tag expert, your user account will automatically begin to follow that tag. This means that when a question is posted with a tag within your expertise, you will automatically receive a notification prompting you to provide an answer.

When you are identified as an expert on a tag, there will be a “Community Expert" badge next to your name on the answer you provide within that tag. Example:

Screenshot of a question that contains the Community Expert label.


This feature takes into account the snapshot of states and data at the time the answer action is taken. Thus, we don’t compare the previous or the upcoming tag changes to add this label. For example, UserA is Expert in TagA and they answer a question from TagB. Later re-tagging that question with TagA won't add the Community Expert label in that question.


  • You do not get additional reputation points for being identified as an expert on a tag.
  • You cannot self-identify yourself as an expert.
  • You can be an expert on one or more tags at any given time.