Microsoft eCDN Stream (Classic) integration

Microsoft eCDN can be easily integrated with Microsoft Stream (or Microsoft Teams External Apps).


If you are conducting a Stream (classic) or Viva Engage live event, you may experience a decrease in peering efficiency. Refer to the updated article Disable mDNS IP masking for guidance.


Microsoft eCDN currently supports Stream Classic live events and video on demand (VOD). There’s currently no eCDN support for Stream on SharePoint, also known as the “new Stream.” An announcement will be made once support timeline is available.


Within the Microsoft Stream Network Caching Admin Settings page, follow these steps:

  1. Toggle the "Enable a third-party eCDN solution" option.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Stream third-party eCDN solution settings: toggle enabled.

  2. Select "RAMP" from the "Choose a third-party eCDN solution provider" drop-down list.

    A screenshot of the provider drop-down list, 'Ramp' selected.

  3. Enter your tenant ID in the "Customer ID" textbox.

    A screenshot of the customer id textbox with placeholder MS_TENANT_ID.

  4. Leave the "Analytics report URL" textbox blank.

    A screenshot of the Analytics report URL textbox left blank.

  5. Paste the following text into the "Configuration settings" textbox, replacing the <MS_TENANT_ID> placeholder with your Microsoft 365 tenant ID. See instructions on how to find your tenant ID if necessary.

  "params": {
    "omnicache": "1"
  "extern": {
    "key": "Peer5",
    "url": [

How to verify integration is successful

Once you complete the integration steps above, you should validate that the integration has been successful by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Stream Videos page and choose one of your videos.

  2. Wait for the video to load, then press the shortcut keys Alt+Shift+P, which will toggle the Microsoft eCDN stats overlay.

  3. If your integration is successful, you should see the overlay with peering statistics for your personal viewing session. If you open another browser tab with the same stream, you should be able to see P2P traffic between the 2 tabs.


Some browsers will experience a false-negative scenario where 1) the page needs to be refreshed after saving for the configuration to take effect, and 2) subsequent verify attempts result in false-negative results.


If you have any questions about our Microsoft Stream support, please contact your Microsoft Customer Success Account Manager.